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Independent Industrial Services specializes in industrial clean-up services at power plants, mines, railroads, and other industrial sites. Our Hydro-Vac fleet consists of dependable Guzzler model trucks that have the biggest blowers and the highest tank capacity in the industry. Our technicians represent the company certifications very well. Every employee knows they do their best work wisely and safely to go home at the end of the day.

Industrial Hydro & Dry Vac Services 

Cleanup & Excavation

Our fleet of cleaning equipment can handle any variety of tank contents, spill cleanup, or excavation project. We clean, empty, or product change tanks. Spill or cleanups always meet safety regulations when we’re done. Hydro Excavation combines highly pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum, making it the only non-destructive method of digging.

Superior Brands

At Independent Industrial Services, we use the brand Guzzler. These vac trucks are known for their reliability, as well as for their powerful, effective, and safe performances. Engineered to be top-performers, Guzzlers are designed to vacuum one of the largest expanses of matter that vac trucks can handle. 

Diverse Applications

Between our utilization of the Guzzler brand vac trucks and our highly skilled employees, we are able to recover, contain, and carry liquids, slurries, thick sludge, solids, and dry bulk powders from even the most difficult areas to reach. The vac truck services at Independent are the best choice for keeping your industrial site functioning efficiently.


Mining Services


High pressure water can be used to safely and efficiently remove heavy substance buildup in your pipes to make them into quality pipelines. Our company wants to help you get the best possible result with our jetting. This service returns your lines to their designed volume capacity, increasing efficiency and productivity. Our hydro systems utilize high pressure and huge tanks to tackle the hardest jobs you can throw at us.

Mine Cleaning

As we all know, coal mining is no clean and breezy industry. Expensive machinery must be cleaned and maintained extensively in order to keep producing at the rate that is being demanded. We have the knowledge, through our many years of cleaning experience, to keep your equipment serviced and running at top performance to get the job completed at the level that is expected.

Hydro Vac Excavation

Excavation done with Hydro Vac Trucks is a non-mechanical, eco-friendly and safe method dig. Hydrovac excavation is performed by suctioning up debris as the truck digs, making this service both efficient and highly effective. This industrial service gets this job done by operating fast and more accurately with less effort from laborers. This keeps our costs down and the quality high for our valued clients.


Oil & Gas Services

Hydro Vac

Our hydrovac services, geared with high pressure and high temperature water, can be used to safely and precisely excavate, trench, and posthole. Spills and overflows are handled with ease in result of our high-quality trucks. Hydrovacs provide a non-mechanical, eco-friendly, and safe method to dig. This keeps our costs down for our clients and the quality high.

Hotshot Service

We supply when you need something delivered outside of usual shipping operating hours. We have knowledgable staff who know the in-and-outs of this sensitive and timely work. Industrial provides operators, trucks, and trailers working around the clock that gets the job done when our client needs it to be done. We don’t simply provide the bare minimum - we have the full service ready and waiting.

Rig Clean Outs

No one ever said the oilfield was a clean industry. Therefore, you need a company that is going to get the job done right. Rigs need high maintenance in order to keep producing while staying safe. Our crews are are available 24/7 and arrive armed for rigs, tanks, pumps, and so much more. We have the professional knowledge to keep your equipment serviced and running at top performance.


Railroad Services

Cyclone Service

Transferring dry products on rail cars and tankers is difficult; however, we have the equipment to get it done correctly. Our Cyclone technology allows us to transfer dry product from one car to another in a clean and methodical manner. No mess, no worry, and gets the job done in a hurry.

Hydro Vac

Independent has a fleet of the most efficient Hydro/Dry Vac services that can handle a variety of applications. Among other things, we are able to recover, contain, and carry solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge from areas that are difficult to reach to provide railroad service that is unrivaled.

Railcar Transfer

When a tanker or hopper railcar must be purged and cleaned, our industrial services make the difference. A good cleaning is necessary to ensure the car is ready for transport, servicing, disposal or continued use. Our job provides you peace-of-mind with a well-serviced railcar. Certifications and experience give us the edge on these jobs especially when materials have been hazardous.


Biohazard Cleanup

Oil & Coal Spill

Oil and coal spills can be both hazardous and environmentally threatening. These accidents need to be contained and cleaned as soon and as professionally as possible. Independent is a company you can trust for safe, reliable, and excellent clean up to put you back in business.

Hazmat & Toxic Chemical

Our technicians are trained to safely clean and remove biohazardous substances from your work area. Independent’s biohazard cleanup services disposes of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations. With certifications and experience, Independent can protect you and your employees from unnecessary health risks.


Pressure Washer Service & Repair  

Regional Provider

The Mountain West region is known for its wealth in energy resources. This also means a region of hardworking, down and dirty, blue collar men and women. We know a thing or two about hard work. Let us get your valuable equipment back up and running.

Successful Experience

With thousands of man hours behind our operations, we have the expert touch to get your personal or professional gear operational again. Nobody knows these machines better than we do, and we’ve become quite efficient as well. Leave it to the experienced technicians.


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