In the past, cold weather has been the arch nemesis of manual digging. Luckily, Hydro Excavation has become a force to be reckoned with. Digging using hydrovacs has conquered the limitations set by cold weather by its incorporation of innovative techniques. Hydrovacs are effective because they use the combination of pressurized water and heavy-duty vacuums. But, the factor that enables cold weather digging is heated water; hydrovac trucks are equipped with high pressure hot water, making frozen ground easy to combat. Because Hydro Excavation is carried out by trucks possessing their own water heaters, the need for environmentally-harmful ground thawing before the excavation process is eliminated. Not only does this speed up the excavation process as a whole, but it also is more cost-efficient as well as healthy for the environment. Also, traditional digging methods used on the frozen ground often resulted in damaged equipment. Hydro Excavation avoids such issues. No matter the presence of frozen soil or the amount of ground frost, hydrovacs are able to do their best and most precise job involving any hydro excavation application.

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