Industrial Cleaning

The well-being of your company relies on the efficiency and upkeep of your surroundings. Industrial cleaning is the best way to ensure that you are operating under prime conditions. An orderly business is quick to catch a customers eye, which is one aspect that increases the importance of industrial cleaning. Not only does investing in a frequent deep clean provide your business with a pleasing aesthetic, it also contributes to making the workplace a safe site for employees, visitors, and equipment. Keeping the work area clean is the most effective way to reduce the risk of various hazards, accidents, and employee health concerns. The need for industrial cleaning in any work setting cannot be denied, which is why Independent is dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line industrial cleaning services.

Sandblast and Painting

Decaying or rough looking structures can create negative perceptions about your company and its upkeep. To combat this issue, the process of sandblasting can clean any unwanted substances from the surface of your structures and provide a smooth slate for a fresh coat of paint. At Independent, there is no job too big for us. We possess both the materials and the skill-capacity to expertly handle industrial sandblasting of any size, improving your company’s investment.

When approaching a sandblasting project, our first goal is to remove all unwanted matter such as rust, scale, leftover paint, stubborn dirt, grime, ect. This is completed by using high velocities to spray sand at the intended surface. The next action we take is priming and sealing the surface to protect the overall structure from rust and weather-induced damage. Our last step is repainting, leaving you with a structure that is clean and pleasing to the eye. Independent boasts efficient and effective sandblasting and painting services.




The only way to truly clean your work environment and everything in it is to hire professionals with the right equipment to do so. When left with clogged lines, culverts, or sewer systems, it can be difficult to take care of the issue on your own. The best way to tackle plugged utilities is with a process called jetting. Jetting is the use of high-pressure water streams to rid of any blockages, and can only be done effectively with the proper tools.

At Independent Industrial Services, we employ an advanced group of jetting tools that go above and beyond to remove obstructions and clear out congestion. Our specialized equipment is able to clean out blocked lines of up to 600 feet in length, and lines of any diameters ranging from 2 inches to 60 inches. For any jetting needs, Independent is the place to call.

PM Work

Preventative maintenance work is a crucial aspect in keeping any industry operating smoothly. At Independent, we are confident that the best way to avoid malfunction is to perform maintenance work before a piece of equipment fails. Investing in routine upkeep for your various machines prevents the catastrophe of an unexpected failure, an event that could be detrimental to ongoing projects.

In making sure your machinery is functioning properly, we are dedicated to conducting thorough PM procedures. Our services include tests, any necessary measurements or adjustments, the replacement of parts, and in-depth cleaning. Through these processes and attention from Independent’s experts, we are able to maintain and improve the performance and condition of your equipment: we specialize in repairing industrial machinery.


The experts at Independent Industrial Services know the ins and outs of industrial cleaning. We’re knowledgable and equipped to correctly carry out all cleaning services that may be unmanageable or overwhelming for others. That’s why we strive to provide an elite array of industrial options.

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