Vac Truck

Dependable, well-equipped, and properly-operated vacuum trucks are essential elements for successful recovery jobs. A vacuum truck is a tank truck that is composed of a storage tank and a high velocity vacuum pump. The mounted pump is designed to operate with considerable strength, drawing power from the engine to provide suction. Due to the industrial might of the vacuum pump, vac trucks are able to manage many different types of materials, both wet and dry.


Advantages of Hydro Vac Excavation

  • 100% safe to underground lines, pipes, and operator

  • Reduces restoration and insurance costs along with liability

  • Helps prevent hazardous strikes or damage to any infrastructure

  • Excavated material is left clean, dry, and suitable for backfilling

  • Fast and effective excavation in areas with access issues

  • Work around vertical pipe and tanks inside plants

  • Up to 100% faster than hand digging or using dirt equipment

  • Safely removes contaminated materials

  • Precise holes for pilings

  • Dig up to 300’ from the truck

  • Remote Diagnostics and data logging

  • Video surveillance & GPS tracking


At Independent Industrial Services, we use the brand Guzzler. Engineered to be top-performers, Guzzlers are designed to vacuum one of the largest expanses of matter that vac trucks can handle. Not only can Guzzler vac trucks handle nearly any material, they are also able to function in remote or difficult-to-access areas and possess the highest tank capacity in the industry.


Cyclone Service

The need for transferring product between different modes of transportation has been around for many years; however, it remains a process that can become burdensome without the proper techniques and equipment. Transferring dry products on railcars and tankers can be especially tough. At Independent Industrial Services, we have the means to take care of the heavy duty transfer process in a methodical manner.

Because the transfer of dry product on tankers and railcars can easily become messy and inefficient, a proper transfer job depends upon using appropriate techniques and equipment. Independent excels at dry product transfer because of machinery that is capable of holding substantial quantities of product and the unbeatable Cyclone technology. You can count on Independent Industrial Services to be clean, quick, and organized in transferring dry product.



Railcar Transfer

Are you the victim of a malfunctioning railcar? There’s no reason to panic because Independent Industrial Services is the perfect place to seek help. Due to our exceptional elite power equipment, railcar transfer/replacement becomes efficient and simple. Advanced vacuum methods and machinery used at Independent allow the contents of a broken or unusable car to be recovered and relocated to a new and functioning railcar.

Railcars tend to carry a diverse spectrum of products; but, with the Guzzler vacuum trucks employed by Independent, there is no product that we can’t handle. Guzzler vac trucks are able to manage wet and dry materials, ranging from liquids and slurries to thick sludge solids, and dry bulk powders: whatever your railcar contains, we can move it, therefore providing a quick and dependable way to replace railcars so that you can continue your job with the least amount of disturbance possible.

Spill Cleanup

In this industry, practicing excellent hazardous waste management is not only important, but mandated. Being exposed to harmful solutions at a job site can result in serious health conditions and various dangers. Equipped with the necessary safety precautions and cleaning products, Independent can help with both normalized railroad spill cleanup and emergency railroad spill cleanup.

Addressing a hazardous spill requires a specific set of safety precautions, cleaning products, and procedures. Independent is fully equipped with each of these to ensure an intensive and thorough cleanup. Upon arriving at a spill, Independent Industrial Services is prepared to first analyze the situation for specifics. After a complete analysis, our experts are able to develop a safe and sufficient action plan, followed by the employment of fitting personnel and equipment, as well as any necessary follow-up actions. Whether the spill is categorized as normalized or emergency, you can count on Independent to assist in any encountered railroad spill.


The experts at Independent Industrial Services know the ins and outs of the railroad industry. We’re knowledgable and equipped to correctly carry out railroad services that may be unmanageable or overwhelming for others. That’s why we strive to provide an elite array of industrial cleaning options.

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