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As far as job hats are concerned, Jenny Johnson probably wears them all as Controller in Human Relations. Her responsibilities include a little of everything as she oversees all behind-the-scenes operations of Independent Industrial Services. Daily duties for Jenny even include overseeing the companies’ subsidiaries. 

Why does Jenny handle so much? Her natural gifts of organization and administration make her ideal for this position that requires so much order and systemization. This pivotal position at Independent has been Jenny’s since 2014, but her experience in bookkeeping and hiring goes back over 40 years. Much of this experience has transferred over to Independent to help hone their craft. Jenny will tell you everyone needs to find where they shine, and she agrees this is her role to do so. 

Born in Gillette, Jenny was the first generation to grow up out west since the rest of her family came from North Carolina. This American Girl hasn’t let small town life stop her from seeing the world. Her passport includes stops in China, Germany, France, Egypt, and Holland. Did you know that America doesn’t have the only Statue of Liberty? There are three across this great big planet, and Jenny has seen them all in person! She confesses that some of these trips happened because friends have gifted her with plane tickets, for which she’s very grateful. 

All this pales in comparison to her greatest passion of family. Jenny has two children, five grandchildren, and even one great-grandchild. Her family extends beyond birth to also include her local church. Jenny’s volunteer work includes counseling in a program called Set Free as well as a young women’s Bible Study. Come in to discuss job knowledge and church stuff with Jenny Johnson, and her animations will reveal a fire for life.