Proud To Use Guzzler Brand Hydro Vac

Guzzler vacuum trucks are meticulously built to endure and rigorously put through on-site field testing. Follow any of our truck out to a job site and see how we put our technology to the test. These cleaning and excavating trucks clean up a full spectrum of materials, recovering, and recycling valuable raw materials including:

  • slurries

  • thick sludge

  • drilling mud

  • solids

  • powders

  • liquids

These machines are operated by the pros and well maintained, giving us rugged performance whenever and wherever you need it. Our vacuum trucks continue their streamlined functions even in extreme conditions. Reliable and durable, Guzzler vacuum trucks are the top-notch investment for Independent Industrial.


Advantages of Oil & Gas Vac Applications

  • Efficient drilling mud removal

  • Clean up and recover valuable raw material (solids, dry bulk powders, liquids)

  • Oil sludge and water removal

  • Frac tank cleaning and general tank cleaning

  • Operates efficiently in remote and inaccessible areas more than 600 feet away

Safety Features For Reliable Services

  • Modular designs allow for a variety of uses

  • E-stop emergency shutdown comes standard

  • Widest range of offloading options available

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Large 18 yard cubed debris bodies available


Guzzler trucks are in it for the long haul
wherever the job takes you

The hydro/dry vac applications used at Independent Industrial Services are unmatched for Oil & Gas applications. We’re knowledgable and equipped to carry out specialized services at any field location. Trucks armed with GPS and staff experienced in field protocol are waiting to professionally execute your job.

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