Independent Pipelines

Maintaining the safety of pipelines is a priority that can’t be refuted. As the oil and gas industry is one of the most profitable and valuable industries in existence, oil and gas pipeline is abundantly found and its proper upkeep is distinctly important. Any damages resulting from excavation can lead to undesirable expenses and company losses. Hydro Excavation is the most dependable and secure way to deal with any pipeline needs: potholing/daylighting, maintenance excavations, creating trenches for pipeline installation, and cleaning trenches. Because the hydrovac technique utilizes high-pressure water and industrial vacuums to excavate material, the possibility for pipeline destruction during ground disruption is drastically reduced, if not totally eliminated.

  • Potholing/Daylighting:

    • The first action in ensuring pipeline safety is exposing them for evaluation, which can be done through the process of digging an experimental hole in order to expose underground utilities such as a pipeline. This is referred to as potholing or daylighting.

  • Maintenance Excavations:

    • The well-being of pipelines depends upon consistent inspection and maintenance procedures. In order to carry out inspection, pipes must be uncovered from their original, underground state. This action was once particularly dangerous, as it was performed either by hand or heavy machinery and presented a great risk for damaging pipelines or surrounding facilities; however, repair excavations performed by hydrovacs significantly reduce risk and effectively reveal pipes for the maintenance they demand with precise and safe strategies.

  • Pipeline Installations:

    • In order for new pipeline to be installed, the digging of thin ditches must take place. This process is referred to as slot trenching. Although not always the case, it is common for a new pipeline to be placed in an area that already contains other infrastructure; either way, careful excavation is key. Investing in the excavation carried out by hydrovacs is the best way to guarantee a non-destructive and efficient installation of new pipes or lines.

  • Cleaning Trenches:

    • Laying new pipes and lines requires orderly trenches and pits. This can be accomplished through the services of Hydro Excavation. Using the cohesive pairing of pressurized water and vacuuming, trenches and pits can be cleaned and tidied to conditions perfect for precise pipe laying. 

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