Locating and exposing utilities and various obstructions is an absolute necessity for the proceedings of a safe and non-destructive project. While attempting to work around obstacles that are above ground can be inconvenient, underground facilities can generate even greater problems due to the difficulty of fully recognizing the extent of their presence. To avoid damages and increase project efficiency, potholing/daylighting is an effective strategy that takes on the main purpose of exposing buried infrastructure.

To locate and expose buried utilities, potholing or daylighting consists of digging an experimental hole via the process of Hydro Excavation. From this test hole not only can the presence of any facilities be determined, but also their precise positioning and orientation. This type of operation was traditionally performed by hand digging or the use of heavy machinery, resulting in excessive damage and drastically decreased productivity. Potholing/daylighting, on the other hand, is a modernized approach that increases the ability to avoid damages to underlying infrastructure through the non-destructive hydrovac technique that combines the forces of pressurized water and largely powerful vacuums.

Potholing is an effective excavation strategy that goes beyond the use of locating underground utilities. Additionally, potholing is a digging method commonly used for installing fences, signs, telephone poles, and others. Just as when it is used for exposing buried infrastructure, potholing maintains its successful and advantageous nature in this setting. 

There is no better method to guarantee the protection of underlying infrastructure than with potholing or daylighting, especially in areas of excessive congestion.

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