Cyclone Service

Transferring dry products on rail cars and tankers is difficult, however, at Independent Industrial Services we have the equipment and proper techniques to get it done correctly. Our Cyclone technology allows us to transfer dry product from one car to another in a clean and methodical manner. Here are some major benefits of the Cyclone System:

  • Cost Effective

  • Time Saving

  • Convenient

  • No Mess

  • Safe

  • Easy

  • Methodical

  • High Suction

  • High Capacity

  • Blow-black Option

  • Wet/Dry Goods

  • Organized

Vac Truck

A vacuum truck has a high velocity vacuum pump mounted on it that allows wet and dry material to be suctioned into a storage tank. Choosing the right vacuum truck is important due to the variety of industries that they have the potential to serve. At Independent, we use the brands Guzzler and Super Sucker; both are known as being at the top of the industry. Among other things, we are able to recover, contain, and carry solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge from areas that are difficult to reach to provide railroad service that is unrivaled. Why are we specialized for the railroad?

  • Well Equipped

  • Properly Operated

  • Well Maintained

  • Powerful

  • Wet/Dry Applications

  • Remotely Operated

  • High Capacity

  • High Pressure

  • High Temperature



Rail Car Transfer

Independent Industrial Services is the perfect place to help with malfunctioning railcars. Due to our exceptional equipment, railcar transfer/replacement becomes efficient and simple. Advanced vacuum methods and machinery used at Independent allow the contents of a broken or unusable car to be recovered and relocated to a new and functioning railcar.



Spill Cleanup

Addressing a hazardous spill requires a specific set of safety precautions, cleaning products, and procedures. Independent is fully equipped with each of these to ensure an intensive and thorough cleanup. Taking proper action when experiencing a railroad spill can help to ease the situation, which is why Independent Industrial Services is ready at all hours and days of the week to intervene in the midst of a hazardous accident.


The experts at Independent Industrial Services know that without the proper knowledge and equipment, correctly carrying out railroad services can be unmanageable. That’s why we strive to provide an elite array of industrial cleaning options, paired with exceptional staff.

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