Slot trenching is the activity of digging narrow trenches. The purpose of these trenches falls primarily under the installation of underground utilities such as pipes, cables, signs, posts, and other varied infrastructures. When digging for these types of utilities, it is necessary that trenches remain slender. In traditional slot trenching methods, the proper tools and techniques for digging in such slim patterns are not utilized. Not only do conventional digging methods increase risks of damage to buried infrastructure, they also consume large amounts of time for individual tasks, pose risks to laborers due to heavy-duty machinery, lack efficiency, are not cost effective, and require backfilling due to originally creating trenches that are too wide. Hydro excavation techniques avoid all of these issues with the tremendously effective use of pressurized water and vacuums. This method of digging is highly precise and accurate, producing initial trenches of the correct thickness and reducing the need for backfilling. Hydrovacs are also remarkably safe as well as efficient in terms of both cost and time. For non-mechanical, non-destructive, quick, and faultless trenching, hydro excavation is the ideal option.  

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